Vidan Damljanovic, an experienced Seiki and Gyoki practitioner with many years of professional experience, and Dr. Oliver Fähnle, a physicist with many years of experience in applied optics and measurement technologies in industrial and academic research, are an interdisciplinary team that investigates the effects of Seiki and Gyoki in the body at the Physical therapy and Shiatsu Center Au, St.Gallen.


Mission Statement:
Conducting scientific analyses of the effects of Seiki and Gyoki in the body and the resonance between Seiki therapist (Vidan) and patient; different measuring methods and procedures are analysed and deterministically tested. All results are to be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals in order to guarantee and promote an open dialogue with other research groups.


Procedure: the  Ken-Ki-Dan-hannō procedure:
For the deterministic analysis of the Seiki and Gyoki effects in the body, we have developed an innovative procedure (the  Ken-Ki-Dan-hannō  method), in which different measurement technologies are applied in a fixed experiment. With the data generated by the  Ken-Ki-Dan-hannō  method, both the different measurement technologies applied and the different effects of Seiki in the body can be put into context.

Output 2018:
Here is the link to the first peer-reviewed scientific paper from 2018, in which we analyzed infrared screening applying Ken-Ki-Dan-hannō  2018  (

Hanno 2018
Experimental analysis of human touch activated self-healing body energy: gyoki body resonancing
Experimental Analysis of Human Touch Act
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