Research: Ken-Ki-Dan-hannō Procedere


Based on the method “Seiki Soho”

by founder AKINOBU KISHI sensei and its continuation by KYOKO KISHI sensei


Please do not confuse our research project (= Hanno) with the pure Seiki treatment (= Ken-Ki-Dan).

Our Hanno method is a research technique/ system that we use to examine sequences from the Seiki method and the essence of Gyoki and Seiki in general.

Besides that, Hanno is also used to test various measuring instruments for their suitability for Seiki.

Ken Ki Dan  News



The hanno project: spanning the arc from traditional gyoki to classical medicine


 Yesterday, our third scientific full-journal paper passed successfully Peer reviewing and will be published beginning of 2021:

"a methodological analysis and approach, enabling the Start of a better and deterministic communication between the Seiki- and traditional medicine- communities...."

We are very happy and honored. This new scientific paper that examines how the Gyoki Touch quality can also be understood and integrated by western medical professionals. Our first two scientific papers from 2018 and 2020 formed the basis.

There was further motivation as well, and we hope that this will become more understandable for Shiatsu practitioners and everyone else. Above all, it is important to us that many more people from all groups practice Seiki .

Attached is current scientific work. It will be published in the open access journal Alternative & Integrative Medicine in early 2021.

With best wishes Oliver and Vidan

● November 2018 / Hanno 2018

● March 2020/ Hanno 2020


Are scientifically recognized.
We got great insights. Above all, we wanted to bring something closer to what Seiki or touch quality in Seiki and the resulting resonance can bring about.

We have done many test studies and exams.
We are happy that our assumptions and visions are good.


Ken KI Dan Hanno Team Vidan Damljanovic und Oliver Fähnle